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What We’re About

Investing in the Future

A leading venture capital firm with bold ambitions and a passion for making the world a more inclusive place, Globyz Ventures provides a range of global supports to innovative entrepreneurs and founders.

We partner with ventures to drive value creation and capture. We are driven by our investment philosophy which epitomizes the values of respect, integrity and boldness.

We have invested in several software and technology-enabled organizations in the areas of Life Sciences, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Fintech, to name a few.

Don’t think you’re a fit? No need to worry, we would be glad to meet you.

Our Philosophy

We believe in helping founders understand themselves, others and the environment to catalyze innovation and growth.

Globyz Ventures is a Philadelphia, USA based investment firm offering expert advisory services & investments to owners and founders globally in the Life Science, Health Care, Pharma, Biotech & Fin-Tech industries

About our Founder & CEO

With an MBA & 20+ years global experience in Life Sciences & Pharma, Salman Pathan is a diversified entrepreneur, co-founder and investor in several successful companies.

We Stand For:

Respect: We celebrate the uniqueness of each and every human being.
Inclusivity: We aim to bring as many people as we can along for the ride.
Equity: We create spaces for under-represented and marginalized groups in arenas of privilege.
Integrity: We like to keep our promises. We hope you do too.
Fairness:We make it a point to be transparent and accountable in everything we do.

We Are Committed To:

  • 1. Listening: Understanding your vision and helping you dream big.
  • 2. Supporting: Leveraging our resources and expertise to help you succeed.
  • 3. Accommodating: Meeting you where you are at, rather than setting you up for failure.
  • 4. Acting: Moving quickly to advance our shared mission, with a bias towards action.
  • 5. Training: Helping you be your best self to achieve both personal and professional growth.

We Hope to Achieve:

A world that benefits equitably from the fruits of sustainable industry.
We are confident that together, we can realize a future where people and purpose are paramount.
Change doesn’t come easy; we strive to develop new lenses through which we understand existing problems.

Our Portfolio

Major Holdings: Globyz Venture has expanded its investment portfolio across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Globyz Venture’s investments focus:

We are always keen on expanding our investments portfolio and seeking innovative, emerging and growth opportunities in Life Science, Health Care, Pharma, Biotech, Software, Fin-Tech & Commercial Real Estate at seed, angel & series A stage.

Our People

Bio for S. Pathan:

Salman Pathan is an experienced serial entrepreneur and investor. He is no stranger to building successful companies from the ground up. He travels frequently in Canada, the United States and other countries across the globe to create opportunities for sustainable impact.

Our Network

We are supported by a strong network of partner organizations with a global footprint.

We are open to expanding our network to include partners who are committed to building an inclusive, innovative and impactful society.

Get in touch with us

Achieving sustainable societal impact may start with one,
but cannot be done alone.

We are seeking courageous entrepreneurs and investors who are willing to take big bets on ensuring our planet’s future.

We would be delighted to hear about your plans. You can get in touch with us at info@globyzv.com.